Some frequently asked questions about psychotherapy and counselling:

How long will I need to attend for psychotherapy/counselling?
In general behavioural change can be achieved over a relatively brief number of sessions, often over the course of weeks and months.  If however you wish to undertake a fuller exploration of yourself, your ways of relating and perhaps problems of longer duration then psychotherapy may also last longer. 

Will what I talk about in therapy be treated as confidential?
What you talk to your therapist about will be treated as confidential except in those circumstances were there may be a realistic threat of harm to yourself or another or if criminal activity, not previously dealt with, were to be disclosed.  Your therapist will contract with you in relation to confidentiality and with respect to regularity of attendance/non-attendance, holiday arrangements and payment during your initial assessment appointment. 

What qualifications and professional standing should I look for when seeking a therapist?
It is important to assure yourself that any therapist you meet with is appropriately qualified in psychotherapy, has professional registration with an accrediting organisation in psychotherapy or counselling (such as the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) and has sufficient experience to take on individual patients.  Your therapist should also hold both professional indemnity and public liability insurance.

What will be required of me in order to make fullest use of therapy and the opportunities that therapy may present? 
It is best to approach therapy in an open minded way and to be prepared to explore difficult thoughts and emotions that may arise.  At a practical level a commitment to regular attendance over time is required. 

How will I know when it is time to end therapy? 
In shorter-term therapy an agreed period of attendance will be worked out in advance together with your therapist.  In longer-term psychotherapy endings are agreed collaboratively and negotiated between you and your therapist. 

What might I get out of longer-term psychotherapy if I choose to engage in this treatment? 
Many individuals find that psychotherapy enables them to gain greater personal awareness through exploration and enhanced understanding of their experiences.  This tends to lead to an enhanced sense of personal autonomy and freedom, creativity and deeper more meaningful relationships with others. 

How much will it cost?
This will generally depend on the level of experience and expertise of your therapist, and the type of therapy you opt for. At Meriden we charge between £40.00 and £60.00 for each weekly session (lasting 50 minutes). The fee for the initial assessment, lasting 80 minutes, will usually be £90.00.